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    Join WoSEC & Security Innovation for our CMD+CTRL Event

    Saturday, June 27 11:00 am to 7:00 pm EDT


    WoSEC and Security Innovation invite WoSEC members to virtually compete in Security Innovation’s CMD+CTRL Cyber Range.

    This event is suitable for all skill levels, from Newbies to Veterans. Participants will have fun exploring an organisation's website to find and exploit numerous vulnerabilities lurking in its business applications. Success means finding these vulnerabilities and capitalising on them - taking command and control of the business assets - just like a bad guy would!

    For each vulnerability you uncover, you are awarded points. Climb the leader board for a chance to win fantastic prizes (more information on that on the registration page) ! Of course, it's not always about the most points, sometimes it's about asking the best questions or being the best team player. Whatever your strategy, you might just catch the Proctor's eye and win a prize!

    Register early to reserve your spot and get a sneak peek at our cheat sheets and FAQs!

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June, 2020